Pick 6

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ISBN: 9781457544613
272 pages

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James Horton was capped out in a mediocre career with a hefty mortgage, two kids, unrelenting bills, and the limited prospect of earning more money. That’s all there was and all there would be until his death. He knew it. He accepted it. But winning the lottery instantly erased a future full of worry. It afforded him the rare luxury of placing his head on a pillow at night enjoying the stress free thoughts of an economically liberated man. At least it should have. So why did he find himself in jail with less money than he’s ever had? Why does he accuse the bank of stealing his money and how did his family life become so fragile?


About Francis Zita

Francis Zita lives on the east coast with his wife and two dogs.



Meetings, trainings, and spreadsheets. Corporate team building. Godforsaken conference calls. James cursed them all as he smacked the pillow and rolled over yet again, sighing. He tore off the covers and dangled a leg from the side of the bed, cringing at the bright red numbers of the alarm clock. Every minute of restlessness meant rising for the dreaded work day loomed that much closer.


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